Hiring Fire Equipment for Events

Fire safety equipment is not just required for offices and other places of business, but also for any public event.

Waendel Valley Fire Ltd has a vast amount of experience in assessing requirements for public and outdoor events, as well as providing appropriate fire equipment hire and installation to ensure all legal and insurance requirements are met.

  • Every kind of extinguisher is available
  • Stand-alone temporary fire alarms or simple rotary hand-bells are both available, depending on your requirements
  • Wheeled Stands are available to make it easy to get the right equipment to the right position.
  • Non-Wheeled stands are also available – these may be more suitable for providing stability on rough or uneven ground.
  • Competent engineers available to help ensure correct distribution on site on the day, as well as to ensure that you have adequate cover for  fire risks identified.
  • Nationwide delivery service available

If you are planning an event and want to discuss your options for fire equipment hire just call us on 01933 563187.